Weave.jl - Scientific Reports Using Julia

This is the documentation of Weave.jl. Weave is a scientific report generator/literate programming tool for Julia. It resembles Pweave, knitr, R Markdown, and Sweave.

Current features

  • Publish markdown directly to HTML and PDF using Julia or Pandoc
  • Execute code as in terminal or in a unit of code chunk
  • Capture Plots.jl or Gadfly.jl figures
  • Supports various input format: Markdown, Noweb, Jupyter Notebook, and ordinal Julia script
  • Conversions between those input formats
  • Supports various output document formats: HTML, PDF, GitHub markdown, Jupyter Notebook, MultiMarkdown, Asciidoc and reStructuredText
  • Simple caching of results

Weave in Juno demo